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Varistor how to protect solid state relays

When added to the solid state relay AC voltage across the SSR can withstand peak exceeds the maximum voltage spikes, elements within the solid-state relay will be caused by the breakdown voltage SSR damage, select the appropriate voltage level and parallel varistor can be better protection of SSR.
(1) AC load resistive load, select the same rated voltage and load SSR.
(2) AC load is inductive load, it is recommended to select a nominal voltage higher than the load rating of SSR.
(3) DC SSR nominal voltage of the upper limit voltage load work. Inductive load, SSR must be added over-voltage protection, you can be taken in parallel with the output of SSR metal oxide varistor (MOV). Generally 220V Varistor Series SSR can choose the 500V-600V, 380V series SSR can choose varistors of 800V-900V, 660V Varistor Series SSR can select the 1100V-1200V.

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